Client Testimonies


"I came to Erica with a very specific request. I wanted with all of my heart to be able to talk to the cells of my body and listen to their needs. I was in pain physically and emotionally. I felt a serious disconnect with my body resulting from early childhood trauma and a series of deeply painful life events in my adult life. Erica began her work with me slowly and gently with an especially keen awareness and respect for my sensitivities. In the last few months I have made incredible progress in finding peace in my body and relief from the grief that gripped me. I have learned so much from Erica and I am forever surprised by the unbelievable number of tools she has in her toolbox. I have deep feelings of appreciation for her. She is warm, wise, compassionate, non-judgmental... everything you need when you are ready to heal.

Lynn B.

"Meeting Erica and having reflexology was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Erica is talented, kind, experienced and compassionate. When I started my reflexology appointments I had Plantar Fasciitis, and my feet bothered me daily. At first I came every 3 months it was wonderful but I also noticed how much better my feet were feeling and the Plantar Fasciiatis was completely gone. I now come to reflexology every 3 weeks because it is the most enjoyable, relaxing experience I can do for me. It is so amazing and now Erica added a vibration table and sound therapy that enhances the experience. I have recommended and referred at least 5 friends to Erica who all enjoy her and her services as much as I do. Erica is the best in the business and I wish her much success!"

Beth M.


"I always leave Nature's Wisdom feeling blissed out. Whether I have been there for a Raindrop Therapy, Holistic Wellness Coaching, or a number of other services, I always feel nurtured, energized, clear-headed, and empowered. I am so grateful that she is on my health and wellness team!!.


I love it all!! Even the email reminders - it's true, we all put ourselves last sometimes so I appreciate the gentle reminders to come in and take care of myself. And, I really love the 'hey I have this opening last minute for you' emails!"

Dawn S.


"Erica is such a positive spirit. Her energy flows freely, and her knowledge and care knows no bounds. I highly recommend her and all of her services."

Regina H.


"At Nature’s Wisdom I walk in stressed and walk out renewed.  Erica is full of knowledge on ways to help me live healthy, happy and fulfilled.  Try the sound table it is EXTRA awesome!"

April E.


"When I came to Nature's Wisdom, I was seeking relief and healing for a chronic case of plantar fasciitis and a heel spur. Erica’s knowledge and reflexology sessions helped my feet heal and improve my quality of life and movement."

Erin Q.


"Erica is professional and a pro at the services she offers. I have been going to her for over a year and happily send friends, family, and clients her way on a regular basis. Love Nature's Wisdom!"

Jennifer R.


"I have been blessed to know Erica when she first started Naturopath school and am sooo.... INSPIRED by her.  She has pursued a path of service not only to herself and her family but to whomever is willing to create a balanced and more natural way of living. She grows and evolves with you sharing herself and her knowledge. The services I have experienced with her are amazing from cranialsacral to sound therapy. She continually pursues knowledge and understanding from multiple sources to ensure quality holistic care and I can't thank her enough!!!"

Shannon M.


"Erica is so grounding and so nurturing and it is obvious that she is on a mission to empower her clients. She is masterful at holding space for her clients during her sessions (one of the very best I've ever seen!) and creating such a welcoming and nurturing environment. Erica's natural flow between her intuition, innate wisdom, and areas of specialty blend seamlessly for a truly amazing and inspiring, uplifting experience."


Janelle A.

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