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A note from Erica...


When seeing a client for the first time, we spend some time getting to know each other while additionally giving you an overview of the service you have chosen. We will share information about the service, give a little background history, and talk about the benefits. We will ask you if you have any specific areas of concern or goals for their appointment, if there are there any things that we should be aware of (i.e. history of injury, surgery, pain, allergies, sensitivities). For all but Raindrop Aromatherapy, you are invited to wear comfortable clothing as you will remain fully clothed for your appointment with the exception of socks and shoes.


In the treatment/therapy room, lights are soft and the table can be heated to provide you additional relaxation. For most bodywork sessions, we will begin with you lying on the table face up, covered with a sheet and light blanket. You will be invited to take a few deep breaths to settle in and to give yourself permission to be present with your experience for the duration of the appointment, setting aside at least temporarily the weight of what has been and what is to come.  


Your appointment time is dedicated to you and your care. We pay close attention to body language and changes in breath to help us pick up on what is happening. We remind you that the experience is meant for you and that it is important for you to ask for what you need and to advise your practitioner if you are uncomfortable or if something comes up. We will make needed adjustments to help you feel safe & comfortable.


After a bodywork session is finished, we share with you anything that we may have noticed while working.  We answer questions that may have come up and offer suggestions for follow up.  This may include ideas for home self-care to support your goals and experience and when a follow up appointment can be beneficial.

To follow is a list of the services we offer and some of the benefits of each.  Each service is focused on helping you connect with your nature's wisdom in unique and different ways.  What we offer is constantly evolving and changing as we grow and make new discoveries.  Some services are offered by more than one practitioner and you can request a specific practitioner when you schedule your appointment.  

When you are ready to book your appointment, click on the button below. In our scheduling system, look for the desired service in the provided list and add this service to the "cart" in our scheduling system.  We sincerely look forward to bringing you the benefits of these powerful healing opportunities. 

Aromatherapy – Raindrop Technique: The application of a specific series of essential oils to the feet and back, to promote overall well-being! This relaxing treatment may help to reduce stress, reduce pain, and support your immune system.

CranioSacral Therapy: CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance.

Flower Remedy Consultation & Custom Formulation: Flower Essences are gentle and effective remedies that help support both the physical and emotional bodies in working through patterns of imbalance. During a consultation we will discuss any thoughts, feelings, emotions, or physical sensations in the body that you'd like assistance with and using that information, we will create a custom flower essence blend for you. Consult fee includes your personal remedy. Refills of the same blend are available for $10 if needed.

Foot Reflexology: This technique of applying pressure to the feet with fingers and thumbs will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Includes hot towel wraps and essential oil application.

Hand Reflexology: The perfect complement to any service and so soothing for tired, aching hands! This technique of applying pressure to the fingers and palm will leave you feeling relaxed & refreshed. Includes hot towel wraps and essential oil application.

Herbal Foot Soak: Soothe your feet with this warm herbal infusion of skin softening calendula, lavender, & chamomile, plus epsom, dead sea, and Himalayan pink salts to soak away aches. A foot soak is a great way to allow yourself time to ground and let go of the stress of the day!

Infrared Sauna: The benefits of infrared sauna use include metabolic support, muscle pain relief, immune system support, support of natural waste excretion through sweat, easing joint pain/stiffness, stress and fatigue reduction, support skin health, & mood boosting!  Book your sauna session today by clicking HERE!

Ionic Foot Detox: Relax and soak your feet in a warm mineral solution that gently encourages your body's natural detoxification processes!

Light Healing Touch & Reiki: This gentle, yet effective combination of Reiki, Energy Balancing, CranioSacral Technique, Tuning Forks, Himalayan Singing Bowls, and Aromatherapy is beneficial for reducing both physical and emotional stress for people of all ages.

Scalp & Aural (Ear) Reflexology: The perfect complement to any service and is so helpful in easing away stress and tension! This technique of applying pressure to different areas of the scalp & ears feels amazing and can often be helpful in soothing headaches! Includes essential oil application.

Sound Table Cymatic Session: Experience the sensation of sound and beautiful, healing music to help reduce feelings of stress and promote deep relaxation. You'll recline on a comfortable table that has been outfitted with a state-of-the-art sound system which transmits sound waves through the table as well as wear headphones to hear the music. You can also choose an eye pillow to help you go inward and/or heat on the table for comfort or to soothe sore muscles.


Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST)–Himalayan Singing Bowls: VST combines powerful, yet gentle vibration and soothing tones to induce an immediate relaxed state. Himalayan singing bowls placed on and/or around the body direct sound waves into the tissues of the body, which have a near immediate effect of calming the brain into the alpha (meditative) state and frequently into the theta (dream) state for a deeply relaxing experience. Also known as vibrational sound massage, these sessions can benefit wellness by soothing tension and may offer temporary relief from discomfort. During a VST session, you remain fully clothed and lie comfortably on a massage table or seated in a recliner. Singing bowls are placed on or around the body and gently played using a measured strike. A 15 minute add-on session is a beautiful complement to any service and takes place on the front body.

VitaFlex Aromatherapy with Essential Oils: The perfect addition to any treatment, Vita Flex is the application of the essential oil series utilized in a Raindrop session. The oils are applied to the instep of the foot along the spine reflexes, as indicated in reflexology charting. These oils help to support the immune system, have anti-inflammatory properties, and the application technique is oh so soothing! Treatment includes hot towel wraps.