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A note from Erica...


My coaching style is primarily to bear witness to a client as they process, to be curious and to delight in the presence of the beautiful human in front of me. Picking up on cues from a client's language and body movement and my own intuition, I offer reflection, ask questions, and more than anything I LISTEN with my whole being. It is intention, to invite my client into sacred time and space to look inward, to find missing pieces, to make their own connections, with no agenda of my own.


Each coaching session is unique, as I strive to meet my client wherever they are at in that moment. Based on what comes up and what feels safe and supportive to the client, we may move to the table for bodywork, into the classroom or outside to move with the Jo, we may explore using breath or movement to help move energy. We may cry, laugh, hug, whisper, or shout. I may refer clients to other trusted practitioners whose skill sets and practices would be supportive. It is my goal that clients feel seen, heard, and respected. I cannot heal you, but I feel deeply that the time shared with my clients empowers them to heal themselves, to feel, to breathe, to move through life in a way that feels true and in alignment with their most authentic self.