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Connect to the Wisdom Within

Holistic Wellness Coaching and Bodywork Services

True North

Beginning January 2021

  • Are you looking to reconnect with yourself?

  • Are you feeling “stuck”? 

  • Do you have the desire to connect with others who are seeking authenticity and deeper more intimate relationships?

  • Are you feeling a need for clarity of self and/or purpose?

  • Are you seeking a real transformation in your life?

  • Would you like to be able to self-reference, and feel less reliant on the ideas and opinions of others?

  • Do you want to cultivate greater trust in yourself?

  • Do you want to experience and shift into greater authenticity?

When you know where your True North is you can always find your way home.

At Nature's Wisdom It is Your Nature We Care About.

It is Your Wisdom that We Help You Connect With.

Like a flower, or the earth itself, our physical and emotional bodies consist of layers.  Whether you are seeking help with physical ailments, wanting energetic healing or ready to dive deep into soul-focused holistic wellness coaching, we offer services that allow us to meet you exactly where you are and give you the opportunity to travel to the depths that feel most comfortable.


When you are ready to experience meaningful change in your life...and connect fully into the wisdom within.


When you are are seeking relief from pain and stress and/or wanting to tune into the wisdom of your body quietly.

A peek at the wide range of wellness services we offer...

Raindrop Aromatherapy

Welcome to Nature's Wisdom! We are pleased you are here.  

A little information about us... 

My name is Erica Bretz and I am the owner of Nature's Wisdom.  In my role here, I work as a Somatic Naturopath. I am passionate about helping others uncover limiting belief systems that contribute to physical, mental and emotional health imbalances.  Understanding and respecting the unique nature of every human, I've built Nature's Wisdom with the intention of being able to serve a variety of needs offering a variety of healing methods.

I encourage you to visit the pages on our site and discover the layers of options available. Whether you are just beginning to discover how you can tap into your natural wisdom, or well along the way into your healing journey, I believe you will find options here that are meaningful opportunities to help you experience the natural beauty, wisdom and wonder of you.


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"I have learned so much." L.B.

"Warm, wise, compassionate, non-judgmental." B.M.

"At Nature's Wisdom, I walk in stressed and walk out renewed."A.E.

"Erica's knowledge & care knows no bounds." R.H.

"I always feel nurtured, energized, clear-headed and empowered." D.S.

"Reflexology sessions helped improve my quality of life." E.Q.

"The services I have experienced with here are amazing!" S.M.

"Erica is professional and a pro,I have been going to her for over a year." J.R.

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Are you ready to connect to Your Nature's Wisdom?