Shame Shifting.

"Shame dies when stories are told in safe places."

-Ann Voskamp

Experiencing the truth in Voskamp's statement has had perhaps the most profound impact upon my personal quest for mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness.

Feeling shame kept me small and afraid for the better portion of my adult life. The stigma of shame is a pretty standard parenting tool, and it is also frequently wielded elsewhere in human interaction, so it's affliction is common and widespread. The weight of carrying the load of secrets that I feared judgement of left me regularly feeling heavy and sad, often paralyzed, and with few exceptions unable to show up in the world and in relationships as the person I truly am.

The action of releasing myself from shame through vulnerability & sharing my story, thoughts, and feelings with my guide gave me a sense that I was finally emerging from decades of hiding. I could tangibly feel the unfurling of my body and soul from the cramped space they'd been unceremoniously stuffed into for forever. For the first time, the fierce desire to stand tall and be seen burned within me.

Having a safe place and person/people to do this tender work with was revolutionary, and that I had asked for this help maybe even more so. To look in the eyes of another human and see no judgement, was previously unimaginable. But the practice of telling my story in a safe place has been what helped me begin to free myself from the shackles of shame and find freedom, ease, and joy in life.

The support of a therapist, counselor, coach, mentor, or guide is invaluable in that this person cares about your well being, but not in the way friends and family do. They do not desire or feel the responsibility to "fix" you or to do the work for you. The session time set aside for you is for YOU, and a helping person will be present for you by actively listening, supporting your focus, and offering reflection or asking questions to assist your process without their own attachment or agenda.

Showing up to do this work myself, and facilitating it for others is the greatest good that I know how to do in the world. I’m here to offer you the presence you desire and deserve, in order to assist you in finding your own expression of freedom from shame.

Are you ready to dive in and do your own good work? Schedule your first session today HERE to begin or continue moving toward freedom, authenticity, and alignment.

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