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Important Service Update
from Erica

March 17, 2020

Regarding COVID-19:


As a wellness practitioner, the well-being and safety of my clients is top priority. As a mother & wife, I feel the same way about my family.

As of today, I still plan to see clients for bodywork and coaching sessions in person in the office. Kelly Zalewski, LMSW, RYT & I are committed to maintaining Deerbrush Wellness Collective, LLC and our personal office spaces within it, in a clean and hygienic manner to protect our clients, selves, and community.

We commit to working only if we feel healthy and well, and ask that clients do not come in for appointments if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness.


Kelly & I both believe deeply that continuing to support our clients and helping to reduce the impact of stress, uncertainty, fear, and anxiety is critical and that we can do so safely.


If for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule, please reach out. Coaching sessions can be done via video chat as well if that feels prudent and I am running a few specials for those of you who need direct support. These plans may change as things develop. If so, I will post updates here, via social media and email.

I have had some folks ask me how I plan to keep my family healthy and well, and the basic plan is pretty simple:


Enjoy extra time with my family. Spread love, not fear. Proper rest, staying hydrated, personal hygiene, sunshine, laughter, movement, and a few supplements. Each member of my family typically takes 1000mg Vitamin C & 5000iu Vitamin D3 each day during the winter months. To that we have recently added a reishi mushroom blend & astragalus to further support the immune system. I have had some of my mentors & teachers also suggest that selenium and zinc mineral supplements and Aconite homeopathic would be beneficial.


During this time where we find ourselves moving inward, before unfurling again, it is my hope that we can each use the opportunity to find new ways to connect - with ourselves, our loved ones, and each other.


Much love to you and may we all stay healthy and well.