True North

A Deeper Look


Have you been told what you ‘should’ do your whole life?

Are you now ready to take the reins and do what your heart desires?





True North is your personal point of reference, your secure and established internal safe house within the crazy, busy, beautiful, painful, and chaotic reality of the human experience. True North is born of your deepest convictions, purpose, and beliefs, and is unique to YOU.


Through this 6 week experience, you will learn different tools and techniques to help you identify or reconnect with YOUR True North and have the opportunity to feel it too. The lessons, information, and experiences shared will also help you cultivate the ability to reorient when you feel off course.


Within this reflective exploration, you’ll get the opportunity to try out and practice these tools and skills within a small community of like-minded people. Other humans who are also seeking to live a life that feels in alignment with core values, and one that is filled with love, freedom, and resilience.


When you know where True North is,

you can always find your way home, to your authentic self.


What is Included?

6 Weekly Group Lessons - Sunday Morning or Monday Evening Option*

Weekly emails w/ lesson ideas & inspiration

Social Media Free daily group & mentor connection

A new way to connect with yourself & others

A personalized one-on-one Holistic Wellness Coaching session w/ Erica

A personalized one-on-one Art Therapy/Yoga session w/ Jessica

*Sunday group begins Jan. 24 & Monday group Begins Jan. 25


Meet your True North Guides

Erica Bretz is a Somatic Naturopath & Holistic Bodyworker who has spent over a decade exploring many paths to whole person wellness. She has a BS in biology & is a perpetual student of traditional naturopathy, herbalism, somatic practices, bodywork, sound therapy, & multiple forms of breathwork with a trauma sensitive focus. Erica believes in her soul that bearing witness to her fellow humans as they traverse their healing path is the ultimate privilege. She is passionate about supporting her clients on their journey via her knowledge of the physical & energetic bodies, and their connection to the mind

Jessica Smigels is working to complete her Masters in Art Therapy (MED) & Masters in Kundalini Yoga (500hr). She has always held a place in her heart for natural and holistic healing modalities & believes that an experience of authentic connection is the highest form of healing. Jessica desires to support her clients with compassionate experiences in art, nature, & yoga therapy. She loves all forms of creativity, yoga and nature but her favorites are textiles, sculpture, photography, dance, kundalini, yin, restorative yoga, waterfalls, woodland hikes and expansive mountains. Jessica hopes her passion & inner flame will ignite & inspire others to live a life of joyful & creative connections.


Program Investment $499 - Payment Plan Available 

Weekly Lessons

Week 1: Locating & Experiencing Center


Experience a meditation & writing practice that will help you identify your core values, as well as what moves you toward and away from True North. You’ll also learn simple, powerful techniques to help you reorient in everyday situations.

Week 2: Nourishing Intuition

We will play with the concept of intuition through multiple meditations. These meditations will help spark the creative fire to inspire your multi-step process painting and art therapy experiences throughout the coming weeks.

Week 3: Understanding Your Energy

You'll become more aware of your personal energy, the patterned ways in which it tends to move, and how this insight can help you create the transformation you want and need. Explore your own boundaries and learn how you can use this knowledge in relationship with yourself and others.

Week 4: Reconnecting to Your Soul Child/Authentic Self

Gentle movement & a heartfelt meditation will warm you up before we begin our drawings and reflections which will create a dialogue with our soul child. Explore the feeling of inviting childlike moments of joy back into your daily life!

Week 5: Using Breath & Movement to Reorient

Learn to use your physical body to help reorient your mental and energetic bodies through breathwork techniques and an intuitive movement practice. Explore what it feels like to you give your body permission & space to move or be still according to whatever your needs are in the moment.

Week 6: Orienteering: Putting the pieces together

As our group journey comes to a close, our time will include a meditation on becoming an inner witness. We'll also practice, play, share, reflect, & connect.

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