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Welcome to Nature’s Wisdom

We believe that all humans deserve to be seen, heard, & loved. Life is messy, and often complicated, but you still have the capacity to live well and joyfully! We're here to support your transformation & deepest healing thru Somatic Coaching & Holistic Bodywork.
To be a part of your journey is our greatest purpose and privilege.

Somatic Coaching

Somatic coaching is a powerful method that works by integrating body & mind. In session you learn and practice new ways to sort thru your deepest layers of story, limiting beliefs, trauma, and patterns that have been holding you back or weighing you down. Somatic Coaching is here to help you discover who you really are, learn how to love yourself, figure out how you want to show up in the world, & find more ease in everyday life. Be seen, heard, & respected just as you are and supported in your healing process of creating real, sustainable, & lasting transformation.


Holistic Bodywork

Through Reflexology, Sound Therapy, and Energy Work, we support both your body and mind. Often the path to creating mental peace can be found through working with the body. These hands-on healing methods offer physical relief from pain as well as mental relaxation. Therapeutic touch is a safe & effective way to help you feel present and comfortable in your body.


Meet Erica - Owner & Practitioner

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I'm Erica Bretz - a Somatic Practitioner, Traditional Naturopath, & Holistic Bodyworker who believes that life doesn't have to feel hard all of the time.

Thru my own trial, error, and education I bring a wide variety of healing offerings to you so that you can live well, feel better, and enjoy your life!

What our clients have to say...

"I have learned so much." L.B.
"Warm, wise, compassionate, non-judgmental." B.M.
"At Nature's Wisdom, I walk in stressed and walk out renewed." A.E.
"Erica's knowledge & care knows no bounds." R.H.
"I always feel nurtured, energized, and leave clear-headed and empowered." D.S.
"Erica helped improve my quality of life." E.Q.
"The services I have experienced here are amazing!" S.M.


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