Welcome to Nature’s Wisdom

Welcome to Nature’s Wisdom. Here we embrace the belief that healing begins within. As practitioners of multiple holistic modalities, we support our fellow humans on their path to find and embody balance and harmony in their lives through a unique and effective array of traditional naturopathy, bodywork, breathwork, principles of psychology, and somatic (body & movement based) exploration. Sharing this life changing work with others is our deepest joy and privilege. 


Mind & Body
Integrative Wellness

Individualized support and guidance via a unique, effective combination of bodywork, breathwork, naturopathy, principles of psychology, & somatic practices. Designed to assist you in exploring your edges, identify limiting beliefs,  & grow awareness so that you become resilient, confident, and capable of navigating the ups and downs of life, improve your relationships with self and others, and feel better both mentally and physically

Holistic Bodywork

Through Reflexology, Sound Therapy, and Energy Work we can assist both body and mind. Oftentimes the path to creating mental peace can be cultivated through working with the body. These modalities help provide stress relief, pain relief, and relaxation as well as cultivate an increased awareness of our felt sense in the body.


Massage Therapy

The body holds tension created by stress, trauma, injuries, and strenuous activity. This can lead to both acute and chronic aches, pain, and discomfort which affects our daily lives both physically and mentally. Massage Therapy, Myofascial Release, and CranioSacral Therapy techniques can assist in relieving these issues. We believe that touch therapy is a critical component of self care and is also a beautiful and effective complement to all modalities of whole person wellness.

Back Massage

Our Providers

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Erica - Integrative Wellness Guide, Traditional Naturopath, Bodyworker

Stefanka - Licensed Massage Therapist & Bodyworker

From Lonely & Independent to Connected & Loved

What our clients have to say...

"I have learned so much." L.B.
"Warm, wise, compassionate, non-judgmental." B.M.
"At Nature's Wisdom, I walk in stressed and walk out renewed." A.E.
"Erica's knowledge & care knows no bounds." R.H.
"I always feel nurtured, energized, and leave clear-headed and empowered." D.S.
"Erica helped improve my quality of life." E.Q.
"The services I have experienced here are amazing!" S.M.
"Stefanka is the best!" C.S.
"The best massage I've ever received! Stefanka really listened to what I needed." P.K.


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