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Somatic Coaching


As a healing arts practitioner, I believe that real, lasting healing requires connection between mind and body.


I began my work as a traditional naturopath, but quickly learned that it takes more than supplements and herbs to help people feel truly well – So I’ve spent the past decade searching for the most effective ways to support my clients.


The path that unfolded led me to trainings in holistic counseling, breathwork, psychology and ultimately, I was guided to the study of somatic healing practices.


Somatic Coaching has helped my clients heal from old trauma, discover who they really are, what they want, and feel healthier and more whole than ever before!

Who is Somatic Coaching for?

Somatic Coaching is an profoundly healing process for many people. I've found it to be especially effective for women who:

- Feel as if you've tried "all the things." Maybe traditional talk therapy and other modalities helped, but you still feel stuck in some areas and know that life could be better.

- Identify as super independent. You want to be able to do it all on your own, but have begun to desire help... and also don't want appear "weak." You're also really tired of feeling so damn tired all the time and ready to break the cycle.

If you're ready to make change that really sticks,

Somatic Coaching may be exactly what you need.

Are you ready?

What if...

You looked forward to waking up every morning?

Life didn't feel so heavy, and was even a little fun?

Relationships felt easy & you didn't feel so alone?

Real wellness and vitality come from healing your

WHOLE SELF - body, mind, & spirit...

...which is exactly why Somatic Coaching is so effective!

Somatic Coaching

The healing process that integrates body, mind, & spirit.

90 Minute Sessions
In Person or Virtual

Explore Call

If you're curious about the Somatic Coaching process,

this is for you - a free, no obligation conversation to help you figure out if Somatic Coaching is a good fit for you. 

30 Minutes

Intro Session

Your Intro Session is where you'll identify and prioritize your desired outcome/goals and lay the foundation for your healing journey!

60 Minutes

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