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A Very COVID Christmas.

The holidays for many of us are very different than in years past, myself included.

While Christmas itself has become a little less magical as I age, I've been pondering ways I can add a bit of wonder and mystery back into these holiday traditions for myself - while still creating the magic feeling for my children.

Making it less about gifting has been a big piece of that puzzle for me. While giving gifts is a joyful experience, the obligatory feelings it brings during the holidays has are less so. Creating new traditions and being less focused on having everything be the same as previous years helped keep things lighter while we simultaneously grieve the absence of beloved traditions due to the pandemic.

In seeking balance as we close out this roller coaster year, my husband and children have joined me in listing the many ways we have been blessed by these circumstances created by COVID-19. This doesn't erase the difficulty, pain, and sadness we have each experienced this year - but it IS a reminder that we can use these less comfortable feelings to help us embrace and appreciate the joy and love and silver-lining blessings as well.

2020, like all things, is temporary. We're at the end of an eye opening year, may we all take our lessons learned into the one ahead and make each day full of love and authenticity.

Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy close to the year.



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