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Flower Power!

I was first introduced to flower essences during my second pregnancy. My midwife suggested that using Vervain might help me to gently process the very rigid, idealistic plan for this birth that had me teeming with nervous energy.

I had no idea what the stuff was, but I trusted my care provider, so I bought it and began adding a few drops to my water each day.

Almost without realizing that anything had changed, I began feeling more peace and balance within just a few days. Others around me even commented that I appeared more calm in the final weeks of pregnancy.

With that profound experience, my exploration into using flowers for myself and my family began in earnest. My coursework at NITE included the use of the Bach flower line, and I’ve also been using the FES North American line with my family and clients for several years now. I’ve also dabbled in making my own flower remedies from blooms that I’ve been drawn to!

One of my herbalism mentors often noted that what we need tends to find us - and I’ve experienced that as very true! Case in point, there is a small flowering tree that lives at the end of my driveway that I wasn’t sure was very healthy. It hasn’t bloomed well since we moved to this house, and we’ve contemplated pulling it out in the past, but I’m sure glad we didn’t!

As it came into bloom this year, I’ve found myself drawn to it often, and oddly enough it’s fuller and more lovely than ever - without any additional attention. Turns out that this beautiful bloomer is Rose of Sharon, and when I researched her properties when used as a flower remedy, I’ll be damned if it wasn’t just what I need right now.

So today I asked her permission to harvest a single flower to make a remedy with, and I’m looking forward to using it to assist my body, mind, & spirit.

Rose of Sharon - Balancing qualities: the “flower of joy", restores intuition and purity of heart. Indications: feeling overly responsible, unable to express emotions

If you’d like to explore what flowers can do for you, I’d be happy to assist in helping you choose your flower remedy and/or creating a custom blend!

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