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Growing & Evolving

I continue to feel grateful for the privilege of serving and supporting so many beautiful souls in their physical and emotional well-being during these unprecedented times. Being back in the office for a few months now, doing the work I love, and seeing bright eyes looking back at me has been soothing to my soul and psyche too.

As we all continue to navigate the current time and space we are living in, so do I explore how Nature’s Wisdom can continue to grow and evolve. My personal journey and experiences over the past few years especially have lit new fires in my soul and this is the driving force behind the next phase for the practice.

In the coming months my focus will begin to intentionally shift toward working with more clients who are seeking deeper transformation through their own personal exploration of self through my Holistic Wellness Coaching services and utilizing the bodywork services as a support mechanism for this.

To help meet the demand for the highest quality holistic bodywork, Nature’s Wisdom will be growing through the addition of a bodyworker. Evolving into a team will allow for more clients to be seen as well as expanded hours and services. I look forward to introducing this beautiful soul to you later this year!

In November, my schedule will shift slightly to make way for the addition of a new bodyworker, and I will continue to offer daytime and evening appointments.

The quality of your experience will always be the first priority of Nature’s Wisdom, so we will continue to follow local, state, and federal guidelines for health, hygiene, and safety standards while still creating a space where you can feel comfortable and at peace.

Should you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email, phone, or text.

Wishing you love and peace during this Autumn season and looking forward to seeing you soon!



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