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Macrame Meditations

I shared these images and thoughts on social media yesterday, Valentine's Day 2021 and thought they deserved space on the blog. I hope you enjoy! <3

One of my sorority sisters, amazing photographer and inspiring RN, Samantha Couvillion (check out her photography on Instagram - Northern Clove Photography), shared a post and message on Instagram about what she does to come back to herself - especially during these long, dark, winter months, which have been exacerbated by COVID. Knowing how to bring realignment to you body, mind, and spirit is essential to achieving and maintaining your well-being goals.

One of the ways I regulate is through creativity. In the kitchen, I love to experiment with flavors cooking and baking all while singing loudly and dancing terribly (much to the chagrin of my children). I don’t think much about it, because it’s a time and place where I feel comfortable and very much myself.

Exercising creativity outside of the kitchen, via writing or creating art is a more difficult and sticky process - but one that I find over and over again is rewarding, if only I’ll get out of my own way.

In the kitchen if I create something not up to snuff I will get a little emotional but we’ll either eat it or chuck it and order pizza - perceived failure doesn’t prevent me from playing. Not so much when it comes to art.

About 2 years ago, I rediscovered macramé and it brought up a myriad of feelings of both meditative peace and deep seated insecurity. The act of tying knots allows me to clear my mind, to find focus, and I love the tangible creations that I end up with. My insecurity becomes triggered when I see other artists and believe that I could never create something as lovely - or certainly couldn’t come up with it myself anyway.

This weekend I was inspired by Gray Wonders (also on Instagram!) 3D heart design and in the practice of recreating it, realized that I did make it my own. Artists are inspired by others and the act of creating and the challenges that making involves lead us to infuse the end result with our own choices, energy, and ideas.

When I was able to shift the perspective of needing to do it the “right” way, it gave me the freedom to do it my way. I ended up knotting 2 versions of the design, neither is 100% according to the original design and love them both.

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