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Say My Name.

And no, I'm not referring to the 1999 Destiny's Child hit.

When I'm feeling out of sorts or off balance, a simple technique that I use to bring myself back front and center in the present is to say my own name literally calling myself back.

Using my name as a tool to shift energy and focus is also extremely helpful when I find myself being affected by the energy of others around me - whether is be my husband, kids, or clients. In face, because my work with clients is often hands on and/or accompanying them into inner work, this practice is part of my own "

Take 60 seconds and try it for yourself. Place your hands over your heart or your belly, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and say your own name out loud. Say it again. You can do this silently or in your head too if that feels better.

What do you notice? Does anything change or shift for you?

This easy way of calling yourself back is one way that you can re-establish healthy boundaries. We exchange energy with others throughout the day, and our own energy levels will naturally shift based on any number of factors. While we cannot control the energy of others, we can certainly influence it with our own and also make choices about how we want to respond (instead of react) to what we experience.



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