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Change happens, sometimes in an instant

This weekend, I spent 3 days at a breathwork retreat. Immersed in practice and with people all seeking to create significant shifts in their lives.

During an outdoor excursion with some of my new friends, the thought came to me that change IS possible. And this time, I truly believed it, deep in my being. Often, this can be seen in the little details if we take care to look, and some

times change can take place within mere minutes.

These damp acorn caps and this sheet of ice peeled from a leaf were photographed perhaps 30 minutes apart. From simply wet to covered in glass-like crystals of ice I witnessed a significant change in the landscape that happened right in front of my eyes as I stood, breathed, and watched.

The blessing over this time was not only that I was able to take my own inward journey, but that I did so alongside 19 other brave, vulnerable, and beautiful souls. Not only did I get to experience healing of my own, but also to bear witness that of others, which is a special and sacred privilege.

As we allow our lights to shine brighter, so in turn do we ignite the light in those around us.

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