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True North.

Well friends, it's over. The year that caught us all off guard and whipped us with hurricane force and taught us the precious nature of the mundane has said it's farewell.

For my family, the year started with the unexpected and devastating loss of my brother in law at only 42. My small business was turned on it's head and each member of my family experienced their own confusion and uncertainty about what to expect from day-to-day. In the midst of the extraordinary chaos (because life, even when "normal", isn't typically linear and completely smooth), we were able to find great peace and comfort in slowing down, in feeling the really uncomfortable emotions, and in one another.

Had 2020 hit even just a few years ago, I know that I would still likely be swirling in my own mess of emotions, and probably would not have been able to support my husband, children, friends, and clients through their processes either. For the lessons I've learned, for my mentors, teachers and counselor, and for the skills and practices I've honed over the past months and years, I have deep gratitude.

Even in the darkest of hours, I've able to find level ground and deep faith in myself. With clarity, navigating the unknown before me is full of promise instead of debilitating fear. This doesn't mean that there is absence of fear - it still absolutely exists - but it no longer acts as a preventative or colors my perspective so thickly that I cannot see what is truly in front of me.

Many are left wondering, "what next?" 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic have left people numb, grieving loved ones and normalcy lost, and confused about where to go from here.

Inspired by the vast, deep change that the practices and experiences of enquiry, reflection, movement, breath, and plant remedies have supported in my life, and that of my family and clients, I'm thrilled to be offering a 6 week series to share many of these practices with you.

In collaboration with another phenomenal human, Art Therapy Masters Candidate and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Jessica Smigels, we have dreamed up True North. Within these 6 weeks you'll have our support in learning and practicing a variety ways to explore your behavior patterns, make new connections, and develop awareness and choice. With these tools to help ground you, you'll be more able to navigate life through any storm, and sunshine too.

Both Sunday morning and Monday evening sessions are available. The program begins at the end of January, and includes 6 weekly small group sessions via Zoom, weekly e-mail support, social media free daily support ad connection, and 2 private appointments in person or via Zoom, one each with Erica and Jessica to help you wrap it all up and guide you through wherever you're at with compassion and without judgement.

You can see more details or register by clicking HERE.

Here's to a kinder year ahead!


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