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What is Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST)?

VST is one of my newer bodywork options that are available to you in the last year, and it has quickly become a client favorite (as well as mine), with good reason. It is one of the the most purely holistic modalities that I have experienced, working to bring balance to you, body, mind, & spirit.

The bowls work on several levels, through both their soothing sound and the subtle massage of the sound waves moving through your tissues to gently ease physical tension. The tones you hear provide a focal point, calling you out of Beta state, or monkey mind, away from mental chatter and into the stillness of Alpha state, which is more meditative. This action happens quickly - typically within minutes - and during a longer session many people will experience Theta state, which is trance like and deeply relaxing.

VST is gentle and safe for all ages and each session is customized to meet individual needs. The deep relaxation that comes with a session can benefit anyone, but is especially effective for many of my clients who are experiencing stress, anxious feelings, and those who have difficulty in relaxing and have lots of mental chatter.

What to Expect:

You remain fully clothed, and lie on a comfortable padded table face up or down, whichever is most comfortable. The table can be heated for additional relaxation.

The Bowls:

The Himalayan singing bowls that I use are specifically engineered for sustained sound and vibration, and are hand-hammered out of virgin metals. The bowls are produced in an ethical way, that cares about the finished product as well as the artisans who create them.

How it Works:

You are covered by a sheet or blanket if desired, and the bowls are placed on or around the body, and gently struck with a felt mallet. You will hear and feel the sound waves from the bowls. Many people will doze off during a session, and you'll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed!

I LOVE what VST offers my clients, it is truly transformational! If you've been hesitant or curious, now is a great time to give it a go - schedule your appointment today!

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