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What is Holistic Wellness Coaching?

The work that I do in supporting clients is innately unique, just as each client is. My approach to Holistic Wellness Coaching is rooted in helping clients develop self-awareness and learning to understand the motivation underneath the action(s) which have brought the client to where they are now.

In our earliest years, we depend on our caregivers to meet our needs. This deep need for attachment ultimately designs the majority of our early experiences, and we develop safety strategies as children to ensure that we get what we need. These strategies become ingrained, and ultimately color our adult experiences as we navigate creating connections with others - even if those methods we used as children no longer really serve us. Continuing to react to life experiences according to these outdated strategies often creates suffering.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is designed to assist you in releasing the old programming and patterns, regulating the nervous system, and creating new habits and belief systems that support balance in your body and life. Physical, emotional, and energetic suffering naturally decrease as you find homeostasis.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is a whole person approach to finding balance in body, mind, and spirit. This work is intended to assist clients in finding long lasting wellbeing, cultivating the ability to navigate the ups and downs of life with grace, and the development of resilience. Should you choose to dive into your own work, you’ll be doing so much more than applying a band-aid fix, and we’ll always work at a pace and scale that feels safe and comfortable for .

There is no typical appointment when it comes to Wellness Coaching. It’s my goal to meet you wherever you’re at in the moment that you enter the office, free of any agenda of my own, to help assist you in doing your own work.

The space in which we spend time together is cultivated with the intention that you feel safe and welcome. You’ll be offered water or tea. In non pandemic times, you’ll be offered a hug if it feels good for you and always a warm smile (the smile is there under the mask!). Your appointment is YOUR time, and is an investment you make in YOURSELF. I set this time aside to be fully present for and attuned to YOU. I ask questions, LISTEN, reflect back to you, and offer support via my knowledge of and experience with multiple holistic modalities.

Our time together may consist of holistic counselling dialogue, somatic exploration, working with the jo staff, breathwork, bodywork like craniosacral or reflexology, bioenergetics, sound therapy, or energy work like Reiki. Together, we may explore the option of using things like flower remedies, whole foods, supplements, or herbs in supporting you as you work toward your wellness objectives. I may make referrals to other wellness practitioners who specialize in other modalities. You will often leave your appointment with a suggestion or challenge that may include a movement or somatic practice, a reflective practice like writing, or personal care idea.

Holistic Wellness Coaching is about YOU learning to do your own healing work, with the support of another human who cares. It’s about learning to grow and build your window of tolerance, and feeling capable. It’s about learning to ask for and receiving help. It’s about being SEEN and HEARD. It’s about FEELING - all the feelings. It’s about coming back to yourself, even if you can’t remember what that feels like just yet. It’s about growing awareness and learning that you have the choice to respond instead of react.


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