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Ritual as a Tool

The word ritual may conjure up different imagery for each of us, but boiled down, it's simply a consistent series of actions. We may have both conscious and unconscious rituals that we partake in daily, and as humans, ritual is soothing.

Creating and engaging in regular daily rituals with intention is a wonderful way to help set yourself up to feel well. Ritual cultivates stability, safety, and you can direct the energy and intention to meet your needs.

Most days, I begin with a ritual or a little bit of ceremony. At the office too, before I begin seeing clients for the morning or afternoon there are little things I do to help create the healing container, both for myself and my clients. This doesn't have to mean something intense or time consuming, even a moment or two of time invested in creating peace and presence can suffice.

I’m especially grateful for these small habits when I’m feeling out of sorts, as I am today.

At home in the morning, I take a few moments just to breathe and allow my body and mind to wake and become aware. Some sort of movement is also an important part of starting each day for me.

In the office, blessing the space with sage and/or cedar smoke, smoothing a bit of Hedgewitch Holistics' Winter Lady anointing oil over my heart, and clearing energy with my own smudge spray blended from flower essences and essential oils is typical of my ritual there. One or more of these things, along with a few moments of focus on breath help me feel present and prepared to witness clients with all of my senses during their sessions.

What small rituals assist YOU in feeling more present, grounded, and ready for the day?

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